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ZVG Switzerland as a success story

The BMA AG is a family run business, which is the location Niederbipp faithful despite international participation in the market. The establishment of the BMA office in Niederbipp has become within ten years a success story . Soon the new building, which end of the 90s was created on Fenchackerweg was too small , so that the almost twice as large extension was taken with a modern high-bay warehouse and the new BMA shop in operation in 2008 .

In the latter case , these are not just a showroom usual pattern, but a genuine sale shop where our customers from near and far , right - can buy - in handy household quantities.

The rapid development of the BMA is further documented that in Niederbipp the headquarters of the group of companies internationally active is domiciled today. Since 2006, the BMA is also represented with production and sales in Austria .
As of 1.1.2014 the branch is located in the new and modernized office and warehouse premises in Leopold village near Vienna.
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Apart from the principle customers a comprehensive range of specialized products - which are constantly evolving - to offer two important concerns are at the BMA in the foreground : First, we strive for the highest product quality and reliability by most products in its own production or in be produced close cooperation with leading manufacturers , on the other hand is an excellent logistics, with well-organized base - dealers and with competent field staff of the customer at any time be operated to full satisfaction. "We are always there for our clients and carry out any order as quickly as possible from » , then also emphasizes managing director Kai Kohfeld . In the same context is also the " open day " , is used to find the contact to the regional population and the modern company should be brought closer to the audience.


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